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For Colleges/Schools

The all-in-one software for college sports

Streamline your athletic operations by gathering all software tools in one platform.
Plan and share sessions
Get insights through performance analysis
Fast team communication
Streamline your athletic operations by gathering all software tools in one platform.
Plan and share sessions
Get insights through performance analysis
Fast team communication

Stay connected with messaging and wall posts

Use the wall to share posts, videos, and files with your entire team instantly. With push notifications and direct messaging, players and parents never miss out on important updates. Whether you need to communicate with an individual or a group, 360Player has got you covered.

"Having video analytics, the calendar, training plans, and chats in one place is super convenient."

Analyse performance through video

Gain a greater understanding of your team and help players improve through video analytics. 360Player’s video analytics tool is easy to use and allows players to get involved in the performance analysis process.

"360Player has helped us consolidate our playing style and identity."

Your favourite sessions always with you

With our session planner tool you can save all of your favourite content in your own personalised library and plan your sessions in minutes. Also browse through hundreds of ready made drills and sessions that are already included in the platform.

Statistics with valuable insights

Create meaningful statistics from games and training sessions and get deep insights beyond just static numbers. Track scoring leaders, minutes played, physical strain, and much more.

Scout opponents in more depth

Store and organize files related to your opponents and give players access so that they can review scouting materials on their own and be prepared for whatever comes their way on game day!

Digitalize your recruiting process

With 360Player you can easily create a virtual recruiting board and store evaluations on players at any time. You can also build out your ‘recruiting schedule’ so that staff can be alerted about upcoming events.

Easy and efficient team management

Handle all events, invites, and attendance in one place and spend less time on administrative tasks.

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You are in great company

Don't take our word for it. Read about what great 360Player users all over the world have to say about the all-in-one sports management platform.

“360Player will help us to have a consistent methodology throughout the club.“

“360Player is the heartbeat of everything that we do.“

"360Player has made communication so much easier for us."

"Having everything in one place certainly makes life a lot easier."

"I would recommend the software to any club who want to improve all aspects of their organisation."

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360Player is a complete sports management platform with all the tools you need for your team or club to succeed - whether you want to improve performance, develop players, handle all communication, or collect payments with ease.

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We got started with 360Player because we needed to improve our club wide communications. Then we quickly realized how powerful it was to have all the features our club used daily in one convenient place. This platform has completely transformed the way Bradford (Park Avenue) Academy operates.
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